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Ever since the Shanghai Massacre and the breakdown of the First United Front in 1927, the central government under the Guomindang (GMD) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have been locked in a Civil War for control of the Chinese territory, leading to several casualties. Meanwhile, Japan started its slow advance in north-eastern China in 1931, culminating in the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937.
With the looming threat of Japanese domination, the CCP and the GMD united to form the Second United Front as a counter-attack, also in 1937. The relations never ran smoothly, both parties undertook different policies and tactics to secure their individual aims. Delegates will have to balance this fragile relation while attempting to withstand Japanese advances.
With a specific procedure to the Second United Front, delegates are free to use directives to call for any individual action they may wish, much like the individuals they represent could. Will the Red Army and the Nationalists manage to keep a stable alliance, mediating both internal and external pressures to the Chinese territory?


Guomidang (GMD)

  1.  He Yingqin - Chief of State of the Military Affairs Comission

  2. Jiang Jieshi - Chairman of the GMD and the Military Affairs Commission

  3. Kong Xiangxi - Minister of Finance

  4. Lin Sen - Chairman of the National Government of the Rep. of China

  5. Song Meiling - First Lady of the Rep. of China

  6. Sun Fo - President of Legislative Yuan

  7. Wang Ch'unghui - Minister of Foreign Affairs

  8. Wang Jingwei - Former Premier of the Rep. of China

  9. Wang Kemin - Member of the GMD


Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

  1. Bo Gu - Minister of Organization Department of the CCP

  2. Mao Zedong - Chairman of the CCP Military Commission

  3. Ren Bishi - Secretary of the Central Committee

  4. Wang Ming - Representative of the Comintern

  5. Xiang Ying - Deputy Commander of the New Fourth Army

  6. Ye Ting - Commander of the New Fourth Army

  7. Zhang Wentian - General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CCP

  8. Zhou Enlai - Vice-Chairman of the CCP Military Commission

  9. Zhu Dhe - Commander of the Eighth Route Army


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Tackling the escalating Second Sino-Japanese War