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The Human Rights Council was created on the 15th of March of 2006 by the General Assembly and is composed of 47 Member States of the United Nations, each one elected by the General Assembly to serve 3-year terms. There are at least three sessions conducted each year to debate human rights-related topics or issues in a specific country. Additionally, emergency meetings can be held in case of a crisis.

The main goals of the UNHRC are to protect and promote human rights and punish human rights violations. The meetings of this committee consist of international debate on that topic, usually with the presence of observers like non-Member States and intergovernmental organizations.

The UNHRC collaborates with many international bodies to collect and process detailed information on human rights or to host debates regarding the issue. Furthermore, other expert organizations contribute to UNHRC's mission by investigating and monitoring human rights violations and abuses and reporting back to the Council. This way the council can work to, simultaneously, track, respond and condemn human rights violations, promoting the global assurance of human rights to all people.


  1. Angola

  2. Argentina

  3. Brazil

  4. China

  5. Congo

  6. Croatia

  7. Denmark

  8. Egypt

  9. Eritrea

  10. Japan

  11. Mexico

  12. Nigeria

  13. Norway

  14. Pakistan

  15. Somalia

  16. Spain

  17. United Kingdom

  18. United States (observer)


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A - Addressing the human rights violations in the United States' borders

B - Drafting strategies to reduce slave-like labour

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