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Despite being inactive for the first 45 years of its existence because of the Cold War,  the Security Council has been fully functioning since 1990. With a "primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security", this committee is composed of 5 permanent members and 10 other members elected every two years. Its resolutions are binding for all UN member, and it is the only council (aside from the General Assembly) with the authority to apply sanctions and other decisive measures.

Furthermore, its permanent members — China, Russia, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom — have the power of vetoing resolutions, and a single veto overrules the rest of the committee's decision.

Overall, the Security Council's main functions include assisting peaceful settlement of disputes, establishing and overseeing UN peacekeeping forces, and enforcing measures against uncooperative States and other parties.


  1. Bangladesh

  2. Brunei

  3. Cambodia

  4. China

  5. France

  6. India

  7. Indonesia

  8. Laos

  9. Malaysia

  10. Myanmar

  11. Philippines

  12. Russia

  13. Taiwan

  14. Thailand

  15. United Kingdom

  16. United States


Marianna Kupfer

Carolina Bomeny


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