Esteemed advisors and delegates,

It is my greatest of honours to welcome you to SMUN 2019, the fourth edition of the Swiss Model United Nations Conference! I am Giovanna Tigges and I will be serving as your Secretary-General this year. SMUN has been my first and will be my last High School MUN conference, which means I will be dedicating myself wholeheartedly to make this SMUN's edition unforgettable. Nonetheless, making a special conference is largely dependent on you, delegates, so I expect to see you all embracing the SMUN experience from August 14th to 16th in the Swiss School of Curitiba!

The world we live in today makes the need for global action and international debate crucial. Conflicts, social and economic disparities, environmental degradation and human rights violations are just some of the many issues that prevail in our global scenario. The United Nations and other intergovernmental and/or international bodies work tirelessly striving to resolve the issues that haunt our world, and MUN gives you the opportunity to exercise these roles in attempting to tackle these problems.


With that in mind, SMUN has been designed to challenge you with complex and interesting topics, allowing you to put yourself in the positions of major stakeholders in the resolution of these issues. Therefore, SMUN aims to provide the conditions for all our delegates to grow as critical thinkers, researchers, public speakers and global citizens. Furthermore, our extraordinary Leadership Team has been hard at work to provide you with complex and intriguing topics and procedures, fulfilling the conference's goal to host diverse and innovative committees. Thus, I sincerely hope that one of the committees we will be running this year captures your interest and inspires you to dive into the topic with passion and dedication.

I look forward to sharing SMUN's uniqueness with all of you!

Yours truly,  

Giovanna Tigges | SMUN 2019 Secretary-General

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