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Honorable advisors, chairs and delegates,

I am Hannes Lübke, and I am honoured to welcome you to the seventh edition of SMUN as Secretary General. And after 2 long years, I am happy to announce that we are returning to the face-to-face model.

The global community has been experiencing many changes throughout the last few years, being that rapid globalisation in previous decades or more recent changes that had to be made due to the pandemic that ravaged the world for 2 years. With these changes I believe that MUN as a whole is becoming more important than ever in guiding our development as the future leaders of the world. It represents an opportunity to debate issues impartially by representing a side different from our own and by hearing the arguments against our points of view.

MUN is not only a possibility to grow as an individual academically but also represents an opportunity to expand your social horizon. It allows you to talk to new people you wouldn't have talked to otherwise, regardless of the reason. It allows you to get to know new places, and, probably most importantly, it allows you to have fun.

With that said, I look forward to talking to all of you in September at SMUN '22!

Hannes Lübke | SMUN '22 Secretary General

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