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Hannes Lübke

secretary general

I'm Hannes, I am 17 and I was born in Hamburg, Germany. I moved to Curitiba in 2014, right after the world cup. I used to play tennis, but nowadays I spend some of the little time I have outside of school playing Volleyball. I've been part of the Executive Council since 2020 but started taking part in MUN in 2019.

Instagram: @hacaslu



Ana Laura Soares

Secretary of Delegate Activities

My name is Ana Laura, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Curitiba. I've studied at Colégio Suíço only since 2020 and entered demunz last year. I'm also an IB year 2 student and a ballerina.  :)

Instagram: @ana.csoaress



ISadora Stefanello

Secretary of Delegate Activities

Secretary of Committee Logistics

Hi! I'm Isadora, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Curitiba. I'll actually turn 17 on the 1st of September, the day SMUN '22 will begin! I have been participating in MUN conferences since 2019, but I have joined the Executive Council this year. I'm a huge fan of Formula 1, gremista and I love to play the piano!

Instagram: @isadora_steffenello



Mateo Miranda

Secretary of Finance

Secretary of Committee Logistics

I'm Mateo, I'm 17 years old and I was born in Lima, Peru, but I live in Curitiba since 2010. I have been part of the DeMUNz club for approximately 4 years now, but only got to join the executive council in 2020, right before the pandemic. I've liked soccer since I was a child, and I used to play everyday when I went to pre-school and elementary school. I'm also really into maths and videogames.

Instagram: @maaaaaaaats_



Heloísa Ziolkowski

Secretary of Finance

SEcretary of Marketing

My name is Heloisa and I am passionate about debating. Playing devil’s advocate is my hobbie, that’s why I joined the MUN club in 2020. Besides that I dance ballet and watch a lot of random documentaries. And even though I look younger, I’m also 17.

Instagram: @helomz



Beatriz Selhorst

Secretary of MArketing

Hii! I'm Beatriz, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Curitiba, but I live part of the year in Rio Grande do Norte. I am a kitesurfer and passionate about DeMUNz since the first time I participated, in 2019.  I joined the Executive Council this year and it has been the club I like the most.

Instagram: @_bexosrt


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