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Paulo miranda

secretary general

Hi guys! I am Paulo Miranda and I currently am a senior at the Swiss School of Curitiba. I will be serving as SMUN 2020’s Secretary-General, so it is my duty and pleasure to ensure that this conference is the most enjoyable experience possible! I have been immersed in the MUN world during my 4 years of high-school, and it’s been a wonderful experience which I hope ends on a happy note with this conference! MUN taught me a lot, from practical skills such as public speaking and critical thinking to essential characteristics such as an open mind and the desire to make the world a better place. It is much more than just the awards, fancy conferences, and nice people you meet along the way, even though they are an important part of it. MUN is about learning that there are lots of problems with our society and how we can solve them democratically through debate and cooperation, as well as learning from the flaws and merits of decisions we took in the past.  My non-MUN hobbies are playing videogames, playing and watching football (major Chelsea fan btw), and listening to The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys.


Anyways, feel free to contact me regarding any doubts you might have or anything I can help you with via my email ( at (almost) any time of the day!

enzo castagna


Hey everyone! It is such an honor to stand as a chair in this respectable conference that brings so many rich memories to me and being a Chair in the EU-LAC Foundation brings me the certainty that more of these will come. Our committee represents the ability to cooperate and make the world more sustainable. The objective of reaching agreements is what motivates me in MUN, where everyone can develop more consciousness of world issues to cooperate outside MUN as well. I am a fierce car admirer, from the past and future, and watch F1 races to see how far can we go with the technology. Additionally, I am obsessively learning to play the guitar and love to draw visible and unimaginable things. I am looking forward to this year's SMUN. 

Well, having said enough, feel completely free to solve doubts with me either through WhatsApp (41 987184614) or email me at!

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Hey guys! Feeling extremely lucky to be part of this odd SMUN event. We surely will have some fun. About me, I am a future chem sustainable living and development and to listen to all sorts of crazy music, if you have any song recommendations feel free to send them! Also, don’t feel shy when texting me, questions and comments are always welcome!


Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this experience and sharing of thoughts as much as I do! You can find me at my WhatsApp +55 (41) 99615-0373, or email

See you at the committee!

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Cuban council of ministers (1961) Chair

Hello guys, my name is Luísa and I’m pleased to be presenting myself as a chair for SMUN. I could not be more thrilled to be part of a crisis committee having the Cold War as its scenario. At SMUN I can join both of my passions: Model UN and Latin America. Together, they create the best combo for intense debates and passionate resolutions, I do not expect less from you! I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon :D 


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time through my number (62) 99611-2844, or if you prefer the formalities, my email is

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Hii! I’m Maria, a Baiana from Texas that lives in São Paulo and loves traveling. It is then with great honor and pleasure that I will travel a little through time and space and be able to chair Cuba’s 1961 Council of Ministers. Among my passions, such as music and dance, MUN represents another opportunity for me to express myself and try, even if not in a direct way, to improve the world which we share. This Historical Council will be a place for you to live a not so distant reality and maybe change it a bit. 


I really hope you have as much fun as I would have and look forward to meeting you, even if this time online. Feel free to contact me through WhatsApp (+11 993033737) or email if you need anything. See you soon!

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Vitória Paes.jpeg



Hello guys! My name is Vitória and I am going to be one of the chairs for this SMUN's crisis committee, in which we will be recreating the Cuban Council of Ministers in April 1961 (aka. just before/during the Bay of Pigs invasion). I am super excited to share with you these few days of debates and I hope you have as much fun diving into this divisive issue as I am having. I love MUN for many reasons, but especially for the ability, it gives me of connecting with other people, the ones in committee and the ones in history. For that same reason, I really love all forms of art and all the ways in which ideas are shared.  


If you want to chat about music, art, books, films, cities, tap dance, or, especially, MUN, don't hesitate to email me at  or text me at +55 41 991818980. See you, digitally, soon! :)