Hey, everyone! I am Giovanna Tigges and I’m currently a Senior at the Swiss School of Curitiba. At this year’s SMUN edition I will have the honour of serving as your Secretary-General, and I hope to ensure the best possible SMUN experience for all of you! Ever since I started getting involved with the indescribable experiences MUN has to offer, I always thought about how much it can power our personal growth and contribute to our construction as thinking and caring individuals in our society. Model UN is not only about discussing international affairs and global issues, but also about effectively trying to change the world! Aside from MUN-related things, my passions are watching lots and lots of Netflix series and YouTube videos or TED talks (<3) about the most various topics and issues. 

Anyways, feel free to contact me regarding any questions or concerns you might have about the conference through my email; or through social media if you just want to chat!

secretary general

giovanna tigges

Hey everyone! There is no thrill I could describe bigger than the one to be the speaker of the mighty British House of Commons! MUN lies deep in my heart because of the capability to address issues and actually find solutions for them and the House of Commons is no exception to that. But there are also things that thrill me. I am in love with cars, a true admirer of Pink Floyd and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for my passion for Space Exploration and the future of humanity.


Well, having said enough, feel completely free to solve doubts with me either through WhatsApp (41 987184614) or email me at!

BHOC chair

enzo castagna

It is a hallmark of my MUN career to serve as the chair of the British House of Commons, a chamber of Parliament that has always intrigued me as the basis of the most interesting democracy in the world. My name is Eduardo Koranyi, I am a junior at The British School of Rio de Janeiro, and over the years I have attended roughly twenty MUN conferences. Only this year, I served as BRAMUN Chief Operations Officer and chaired WIMUN, a conference hosted at the UN Headquarters in New York City. This has nurtured a love of political systems that makes me extremely excited to bring one of the most intricate ones to SMUN. Outside of MUN, you will often find me devoting time to my studies, my friends and family, Netflix, and watching more YouTube than I'd be proud to admit. I have particular passions for macroeconomics, international trade, and international relations but my highest commitment is to making your committee experience the most memorable one yet. In that spirit, do not hesitate for a second if you wish to contact me at or, if any of the following is more your style, I am also available on Whatsapp at +55 (21) 99934-8144 and every large social media platform. See you all in August!

BHOC chair

EDUARDO koranyi

Hello delegates!
I’m so excited to be chairing the Vienna Congress at SMUN 2019! I’m currently a senior at the Swiss School of Curitiba (finally my last year). During the last few years MUN has gained more and more space in my life and now I can’t live without it. However, I also spend a lot of time reading Jane Austen, going out and watching Netflix.


If you have any questions please ask me! I will be eager to help in any way possible! My phone number is; +55 (41) 99539-4377 and my email is


maría victoria furió

Hello Delegates! My name is Luca Veiga Cechinel, I'm a student from the British School of Rio de Janeiro, and I will have the absolute honor of serving as chair of the Congress of Vienna committee in this year's edition of SMUN. Having recently exceeded the 20 conference mark, I cannot describe how excited and honoured I am to the opportunity to chair in this conference! Outside of MUN, I am a passionate lover of history, politics, monty python and French 60's Cinema, so if you happen to like any of those, you have company!


If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to email me at and I'll be happy to help! It will be a pleasure guys, let's make history!


luca cechinel

Hello, I am Pedro Amaral, also known as Steve Forbes during SMUN haha. Ever since the first time I saw how MUN works I’ve been feeling passionate about it, and I can plainly say that every single conference I’ve attended made me grow, not only as a delegate, but also as a person. What I definitely admire the most on a delegate is how it can begin the conference with an open mind and leave it full of education. As said by Malcolm Forbes:  “The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one”. Besides MUN I also like politics, economy and some random stuff such as star wars, basketball, star wars, fishing and studying a list of unimportant things for my IB curriculum that very few people like to talk about, including pseudosciences, evolution, dinosaurs, etc. 
Hope to see all my delegates leaving this conference with a new perspective on how these big corporations operate the world in their own ways. Best of luck * - * !!!!!


pedro amaral

Greetings delegates! My name is Isabela Marantes and I am currently a Junior at the Panamerican School of Porto Alegre, class 2021. It will my greatest honor to serve as chair for Forces Global CEO Conference. Outside of MUN, one is likely to find me playing soccer and basketball, stressing over school work or planning some crazy project that requires way more time than I have. When I do find myself without due dates approaching, I enjoying watching every cheesy Netflix show I have the chance to and reading all Brazilian books I can find.
During committee, I expect delegates to be immersed in the topics and eager to debate them tirelessly. As someone who loves the "outside the box" ideas, I look forward to having delegates just as passionate as I am. 
As described by many as a "social butterfly", I look forward to talking to all of you in case you have questions, concerns or just want to say "hi". Feel free to email me at See you soon!!

forbes global ceo conference chair

isabela marantes

Hi everyone! I am very excited to chair the Human Rights Council in this year’s SMUN! I love seeing the amazing resolutions we get to with MUN! I spend most of my time on Youtube, and I also enjoy reading and writing. 


If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me at

human rights council chair

ashley braz

Hi! I am honoured and excited to be charing the Human Rights Council! SMUN was the first conference I ever went to and I could not me more excited to end my MUN journey in SMUN 2019. My other passions include  singing, playing the piano and volleyball (but I am a bit of a nerd, which is why I chose to study Mechanical Engineering at University). 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime through my email ( or WhatsApp (11941423188)!

human rights council chair


Hi everyone! My name is Thiago Fossatti and I’m a senior at the Swiss School of Curitiba. This is the last SMUN I’ll be attending to and I'm super excited to be chairing the Second United Front. I spend most of my procrastinating in whichever way I can, be it by watching TV shows, watching random videos or doing Yoga. You'll also always find me listening to indie-ish music.
The committee has a very uncommon approach to debate, so feel free to contact me with any doubts you have, or to simply say hello at If you feel more comfortable you can also Whatsapp me (41) 98499-8888 and it should also not be too hard to find me on social media. See you in August!

second united front chair

thiago fossatti

Hi delegates! I'm Chloe Chayo, and I have just graduated from Asociacion Escuelas Lincoln in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before I moving to Argentina, I attended St. Paul's School in Sao Paulo. I am extremely passionate about food (sempre fecho um sushi :)) ), biology, literature, and, of course, international relations! Given that I am no longer dying with IB assignments, you may find me drinking coffee, taking an indoor-cycling class (#ProjetoVerao), or attempting to decipher obscure works of literature (feel free to ask me for book recommendations!). I am so very honored to be serving as chair to the Second United Front, I also can't wait to have a great time in committee with you all! I really want to get to know you guys, so don't hesitate to introduce yourselves or ask me any questions by shooting me an email at (I know Chairs seem like scary intimidating people, but I promise I'm not. I was once a shy delegate too, but I guarantee you all that us chairs went through everything you might possibly be feeling before a conference, so we know how to help you!). I'm anxiously looking forward to meet you all, and to enjoy my last high-school MUN conference. Beijo!

second united front chair

chloe chayo

Hello!! In this year's SMUN, I will have the honour of being your Crisis Director for the Second United Front. Ever since our first crisis SMUN I have been one of the most fierce supporters of the Crisis Directorate Committee (CDC), and that's because I believe there is no place like a full crisis-oriented committee - for it brings a sense of reality that makes some of the most valuable learnings in MUN possible. When not involved in MUN stuff, I am likely to be found studying (or in the chemistry lab), singing or listening to all sorts of music, compulsively acquiring random knowledge, gardening and, more recently, hiking.
Determined to make things work, the CDC team of this year will be working hard to make this committee one of the best SMUN has ever seen. And so, If you have any doubts about the CDC, about the Second United Front or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me by WhatsApp (41 99834-6836) or through my e-mail (


maria luiza peracchi

Hey there, everyone! I’m Marianna Kupfer and it’s an honour to be chairing the Security Council in this year’s SMUN! Model UN has greatly changed the way I perceive the world and I hope you leave greatly as changed and amazed as I do every time. Besides conferences I’m pretty much addicted to music (like, a lot), writing and cinema. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and let’s make the best out of this experience!


Don’t hesitate in contacting me through my email ( in case you have any doubts or if you just want to chat, I’d love to! See you soon!

security council chair

marianna kupfer

Hello delegates! My name is Carolina Bomeny, but feel free to call me Nina. I am currently a senior at the Pan American School of Bahia (PASB), and I'm honored to be chairing this year's SMUN Security Council. MUN has been one of my greatest passions since I was a freshman and able to attend conferences. Besides MUN, I also enjoy spending time with my friends, watching Netflix and traveling!


If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me by e-mail,, or Whats App, +55 71 99401-0072.

security council chair

carolina bomeny

Hi, my name is Lorenzo Molento and I'm very happy to take part in this year SMUN as a chair in the WTO committee. Things that also make me happy is to read some science fiction books, to hang out with my friends and to study maths. Remember, SMUN is about magic.


I'm looking forward to meet all of in this conference that I'm very excited about. Anyone wishing to make contact, just send and email to or whatsapp at (41)99946-5833.

world trade organization chair

lorenzo molento

Hi! I am thrilled to be chairing the World Trade Organization in this year's edition of SMUN. Even though I came across MUN not long ago, my passion for economics goes way back. As much as I am passionate about MUN, I chose biochemistry to be the cause of my suffering  for the next 4 years, which is one of my main passions, along with jazz, drumming and basketball. 


Feel free to contact me anytime through email: or WhatsApp: 11 99287 7531.

world trade organization chair

daniel bittar

get in touch

Don't hesitate in contacting us regarding your doubts and questions - we will be more than happy to assist you!