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the smun dynamics

The SMUN team has been working vigorously to develop the minimal details of the conference, aiming at ensuring the best experience possible to all of the participants. In an attempt to dynamize the flow of debate in the committees, as well as encouraging productive discussions amongst delegates, SMUN 2018 will count with two interconnected committees, besides a committee functioning solely guided by crises. 


This year's edition will include one if the SMUN classics: interconnected committees. This means that two councils of debate will be integrated and interdependent, so that decisions made in one committee may impact the flow of debate of the other. This interconnected approach seeks to approximate the MUN dynamics to how diplomacy and negotiation function in reality. Hence, the interconnected committees SMUN will be hosting are the Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization and the Forbes Global CEO Conference, providing delegates with an insight into the public and private sectors involved in global trade and macroeconomics. 

Full-crisis committee

The past two editions of SMUN involved committees that were oriented by crises. This year, the conference will be hosting one committee that will be fully crisis-based, meaning that delegates will be guided by a topic but will need to respond to crisis developments orchestrated by the Crisis Directorate Committee. In essence, delegates will experience the immediate impact of their decisions and directives, and will develop skills to respond to any potential issues that might arise. This debate format, although different from usual MUN procedures, offers a challenging and intriguing perspective to problem-solving and response to crises.